At the moment this is less of a blog, more a way of looking back. Let’s call it a retroblog.

Ideas and thoughts in my logbook / process diary are clear but communication is discrete. Reading it back to myself I’m only just realising how difficult it is to understand the path I have taken to get to the finishing point. It has been more of a place I go to write snippets of information or a random idea that came to me at an obscure time than a reflective journal. Having been immersed in the project for the last eight weeks has meant that I haven’t really had a chance to step back from the work and look at it as a whole. It’s quite bitty. It doesn’t flow as well on paper as it does in my head. Almost as if in another language!

I have never blogged until now. I like it, but perhaps I find more value in retroblogging! Retroblogging is a way of looking back having allowed a thought to settle, potentially emerging as a more valuable way of reflection.

Despite it being clear to me, I’ve tried to come up with other ways to clarify my process. I thought a retroblog was the best way for this.

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