Chromesthesia is a form of synesthesia. Whilst synesthesia is the combination of any two senses, chromesthesia is more specifically the association of colours with music.

After carrying out my initial primary research through interviews, I saw this image on Pinterest:

I liked the way they had drawn on to the music score; the physical contact between the music and the pencil. I thought the process would be a good way to help develop my ideas and the concept. So in my sketchbook I did my own version, but colour-coding the notes to colours I associated with them. It was a good experiment and it got me thinking about the project and its development.

I then came across these images. I really like the collage element and the almost mathematical way that it was presented. Clynical? Although, both pieces look like they have been taken from a text of some sort. The second – a diary/letter even, in the way that its on a single sheet of lined paper. What I love most however, is the way the text has been removed from the situation. It is so obviously from a piece of writing, involving words, letters, punctuation. Yet there are none of the latter whatsoever. It is purely through the structure and layout of the mark making that this comes across to the viewer. The form. I thought it was very clever.

It inspired me to remove the music from the page.


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