Discovery: Pinterest!

Pin it.

LOVE Pinterest. A quick and easy way of getting inspiration in my opinion. Similar to art stack, it uses a feed system which leads on to countless other feed systems of images relevant to your search. It’s endless. Endless inspiration – fantastic!

I have been using Pinterest for perhaps a couple of months now? I find it to be such a useful way of collecting ideas and images relevant (and irrelevant!) to my work. I can categorise and group my images, I can send images to other pinners.. it’s just a continuous source of research that has helped in, I would say, every stage of my project.


I began my search looking at more sensory related images. I like the idea of capturing a feeling, or an emotion as opposed to something more narrative.


I loved the emotion and the expression in these pieces. The use of watercolour is very effective, and it adds depth. I also like the use of the pen, and the way it juxtaposes the softness of the watercolour. Hard and soft, two mediums to play around with..


(Images from

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