Research: interviews

Synesthesia is a highly subjective experience. Each individual will encounter a different set of associations to the next. Although, there are some associations that are more typical than others.

I interviewed other musicians and jotted down their thoughts. I also asked a couple of my peers in my drawing class that had such associations.┬áIt was very interesting listening to what colours people chose. Some people’s were very different whilst others followed a similar pattern. What I noticed was that the note C seemed to be perceived as a very neutral colour, either yellow or white. I thought maybe this had to do with the key signature as it is the only major scale that has no flats or sharps. Middle C on the piano is also the centre to the keyboard, and usually the first note that you learn as a pianist. This made me associate it with naivety.

Another interesting trend I noticed was the pattern between my brother and my father’s associations. They both begin quite contrastingly yet at E they begin to follow a similar path. This made me also think about how traits can be passed between generations and how synesthesia could potentially be inherited.

Although synesthesia is such a highly subjective conception, I am looking at it as a positive. It means that I can use my own personal colour palette, making my work a lot more personal to me. It also means that I have the space to use the colours I want without having to justify them for any other reason other than they have come from my head.

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