A process

Translating music into art back into music.. essentially.

That is what I have aimed to achieve.

Naturally, the outcome is very different to what I expected. Things evolve and change all the time. Through the process I have come up with, there is much of this. But I don’t think that makes it any less credible. From the off set, and the early stages in my research, I have known that the outcome must be expressive. It must portray the way music is human, in every sense. From the composition, when the pen hits the paper, scribing what the composer has inside their head; to the performance, when it should be “perfect” in every way. Perfection is not possible, in my opinion.

To me, the Music Animation Machine is one clear example of this exactly. The way it has been computer generated means that every note is l i t e r a l l y  timed to perfection. However, through perfection comes fault, because it naturally loses its sense of humanity.

So, my process has a natural pace and way of evolving. When you take a step back, a look at the processes three main sections this is clear. Many people would expect the music at the end to be the same as the one at the beginning. They couldn’t be more different.

I haven’t given the final score a key. I have classed it as atonal. I don’t want to give it a key, because it then categorises it. And it would be categorised into therefore a colour or a tone. I don’t think it should have a colour or a tone that resembles its entirety.

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