Chromesthetic Graphic Score: Composition

A process. I wanted to come up with a process to translate music /sound in to a visual medium.

I used tracing paper to transfer the shapes onto the manuscript. I then plotted the points where the lines crossed to form each corner of each shape. This is where the notes would be on the stave and the would also determine the gaps/rests in between each note.

Each shape also had a designated colour. And of course, each colour represented a note. So I plotted where these notes came in the manuscript as well, and ensuring the process was correct, they would all be on the line of a shape. For the passing notes, they came from the lines of each shape and the way they fell on the stave as well. So in short,  the music came through plotting the notes of the melody along the lines of the shapes. The shapes write the music.


After writing out the composition, I traced over the individual parts in the music to re-emphasise the shapes. They had naturally evolved to slightly different symbols, but the general gist was there. I then removed the music, to be left with just the lines/shapes.


Images are my own

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