Development 1

I really liked the abstract elements of the work I had seen on Pinterest and elsewhere, so I decided to go down the abstract route. I began to experiment, I incorporated collage, focusing on the form and structure as opposed to minute detail. I wanted to free it all up a bit. “Express myself”.

I liked working on a larger space as well. I know A3 is such a stereotyped size to work with.. GCSE and A Levels and all that. But it just meant that I had space to let my work breathe a bit more, even if I didn’t draw to the very edge of every page.

The collage I made was inspired by the watercolour transfer. The shapes made by the bleeding of the pigment into the paper was beautiful. But I wanted to simplify them, make them more symbolic, and representative as opposed to intricate. So I stepped back from the page and looked at the shapes as a whole. The group of shapes interested me. And so I recreated it using magazine cuttings. Rather bright colours, and not all directly representative of those previously, but again – symbolic.


Image is my own

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