Development 3

After the last two experiments, I took it one step further in simplifying it. I converted the shapes into lines. Horizontal lines.

The colour remained the same and I tried to keep the spacing as close to the original as possible. I then extended the lines, which really interrupted any opportunity in representing the vertical aspects of the shapes. So they lost a bit of structure.. and to me, their presence.

Although I felt that this experiment lacked, I tried photocopying them and enlarging them. I tried manipulating them and obscuring them. I added watercolour to the black and white photocopies. It wasn’t very exciting.

This experiment didn’t live up to it’s expectations, but it did help me develop in terms of focusing on emphasising the music element. The many horizontal lines began to look a little like manuscript paper. Or a stave. The black and white photocopies of the watercolour on the lines made me think about drawing/painting onto blank manuscript paper. No ‘music’ music, as in notation, but just colour.

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