Final Outcome

Stop frame animation.

It’s risky but it should be worth it. I’ve never done an animation before.. I didn’t realise how tricky it can be. And how patient you have to be!

Time really wasn’t on my side when I was making it. I had a week to finish because I needed the college’s facilities and it clashed with the easter holidays. So it was pretty hectic!

The idea was to put a moving image of the shapes from the final outcome of my process, to the composition it originated from. I wanted it to be moving image from right to left. Synesthetes from The Hidden Sense talked about the way colours and shapes would move in this way across their vision. And in a weird way, its the direction time moves.. or is that a personal association? I wanted the shapes to come and go, in sync with the music. To move together. So it would be as if the viewer was watching the sounds they were hearing. Essentially, that is what it would be.

The colour of each line would correspond with the colour of the note that would be playing. And the line should be rising or falling in connection with the melody line. It should be plain and simple. Geometric. Abstract, but delicate.

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